custom plastic hangers
custom plastic watches
3D Printing designers
Mojo backpacks (one of my clients) has plastic and rubber bags. Also owns the Hello Kitty license!
My client on store window
Rubber logos on fitted hats
Client that does rubber and plastic phone cases in house! From design to sourcing.
Rubber logos and fittings on outerwear
Rubber and plastic on audio equipment
Plastic portable vocal recording booth
miss j NYce at ABC's Wipeout (the entire course is rubber and plastic)
Steve CEO of Direct Sound. We not only have input on design we also handle marketing, (headphones are plastic and rubber)
I am not quite sure if you understand what I do. 43 years in the entertainment industry has been for the most part on the marketing side. Licensing deals, product placement, fashion endorsement are all part of what we do. Marketing materials are part of the process as those items are what brings attention to a product or event. We have done everything from para sails, keychains, custom displays, etc. Sponsors and venues come up with crazy ideas to promote and we have to source it out to get it created and manufactured. Below are a few photos from various trade shows that I have attended in the past 14 years just to give you an idea. I know that these days most people are all talk so I tried to select photos with my client in the shot.