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Social Media Tips
There is no single, simple way to get more followers but as long as you can remain patient, determined and consistent you can implement a
strategy to gain fans. First off if you are a Artist, Producer or DJ you need to set up a Facebook fan page instead of a personal page. If you want to be in entertainment you need fans as friends want your music and admission to your shows for free. Venues and labels are looking for you to have fans and besides a personal page will max at 5000 friends

Be an informer not a meformer?
Meformers — Users who post social media updates mostly relating to themselves
Informers — Users who post updates that are mostly information-sharing

Fact: If you want people to follow you, your social media presence can't be all about you.  Informers have more than two times the followers of meformers.  Identify your target demographic and direct the majority of posts towards them. Keywords in your posts should be people, places or things that will catch the attention of the group of people you are targeting.  This strategy will bring more attention to your page which will in turn put the post that you make about yourself in front of a larger audience.  Use the following as a guideline for posting.

Put a positive spin on things: People are more likely to like posts that make them feel good.
Post great content: Music, Sports and Fashion content will catch the attention of your fans.
Use hashtags and emoticons: Hashtags of popular keywords and using emoticons will draw attention to your post
Engage with others: Engaging with others especially those with larger followings works well.
Make sure your content is shareable: People sharing your posts bring attention to your page
Reshare other people’s content: Posts by people with large followings also gets attention
Reach out to influencers: Replying to people with followings puts you in front of their fans
Stay active: Make sure to post several times a day.
Follow other users: Follow those that reach your target demographic
And keep in mind of updates to avoid—politics, mundane topics, lack of personality, etc.

Remember the tone and voice you have on social media really does make a difference as negative remarks are tied to lower follower counts. Post with photos catch more attention than post with no photos. Leaving too many updates within a short time will result in people tuning you out. Posting about uninteresting topics don’t get responses. Sharing the mundane details of one’s life makes a page boring.
Think like a celebrity!
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