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Building a brand
     Years ago if you had talent and spent your time perfecting your craft in most cases you would be discovered, signed to a Record Label and everything else would fall into place from there. Your Record Label would handle pretty much everything for you and recoup the money from your record sales. But that was years ago. Today Record Labels make very little money from record sales so they sign Artists to what's called a 360 deal which gives them a percentage of all of your earnings including shows and merchandise in exchange for financing the project and marketing. Because labels no longer focus primarily on record sales they have just a small fraction of personnel dedicated to developing Artists so in most cases they look for Artists that have a regional buzz or track record of success.
     Which brings us to step #1 building a brand. Record and concert ticket sales for the most part are based on your following. People rarely buy music by or pay to see an artist that they have never heard of so finding people to enjoy you music is so important. Before the Internet promoting consisted of old fashion boots on the ground and word of mouth. These days if you combine those old school tactics with a social media presence you can grow your fan base rapidly.
Social Media Tips
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