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miss j NYce has quickly become a major force in the world of music. Her career as a DJ began at the age of 16, then in armed with a Degree in Liberal Arts from Nassau College and a Degree in Music Production from Morgan State University, miss j NYce began her professional music career. That career experience includes working at Unruly Records , (WERQ) 92Q FM and (WEAA) 88.9 FM.
A seasoned DJ, miss j NYce has performed and hosted many big events in Las Vegas and on the East Coast in some of the largest clubs and venues including the stage in front of The Washington Monument. She has DJ’ed events for DTLR, Nike and the Baltimore Ravens, to name a few. miss j NYce has landed interviews with some of the biggest names in Sports and Entertainment including boxing World Champion Floyd Mayweather, Joe Budden, ASAP Rocky, Ice Cube, Indy Car Driver Michael Andretti and many others. miss j NYce has been interviewed herself by National Public Radio, DéJonDé, StreetSmart and Astute magazines as well as the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

On the air miss j NYce is the Co-Host and mixshow DJ on 88.9 fm in Maryland, mixshow DJ on 99.5 fm in Pennsylvania and is heard in syndication on over 21 Internet Radio Stations in the US, Canada and the UK. On TV miss j NYce is the DJ on the popular Girl's Room in New York and curates several shows on Ameristream which are streamed globally. miss j NYce has been on ABC's "WipeOut" and has been seen by millions on the hit series "Money And Violence" on Tidal. Her “Ghetto Grillz” mixtape series is one of the hottest mixtapes on the streets and her Mic Demolition concert series for Independent Artists gained National Press. The “Buzz created by her mixtape series and her live performances led to miss j NYce being named Producer for the soundtrack to the film“Red All Over”.

Sponsors during this incredible journey include DTLR, LRG, Nike, Mojo Backpacks, Beats Audio, Southpole and local sponsors in several cities that sponsor her mixshow’s and feature her at parades, fashion shows, concerts and other major events. A great deal of her time is spent on listening to the music serviced to her by the major music labels, Record Pools and the aspiring music artist from around the country hoping to get in the mix.

In 2016 miss j NYce’s name has grown into a brand which has had steady growth in only a few years with over 30,000 Twitter followers, over 13,000 Facebook fans, a website which has had over sixty thousand visitors in a single month. miss j NYce has hosted Movie Premiers, the Mayweather/ Mosley fight Party and a Super Bowl Party which drew over 1100 people. Before moving back to New York miss j NYce was voted Radio Host of the Year in Baltimore and Maryland’s Top Female DJ. miss j NYce is a Core Radio DJ (The largest DJ organization in the world) and a member of most major DJ coalitions and Record Pools.

miss j NYce has appeared on both TV and Radio commercials and has completed a modeling and acting course with Scott Cooper of Talent, Inc. After appearing in two issues of Astute miss j NYce was named Entertainment Editor of the magazine which reaches Colleges and Universities around the country. miss j NYce is a current Talent Scout for NBC's America's Got Talent. miss j NYce has also involved herself with several charities and is heavily involved with community outreach. Stay tuned as the Bio of miss j NYce is still evolving.
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BOOKING HOTLINE 917-830-NYce (6923)
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