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Details of 40 years in the Music Industry is very difficult to narrow down into a few words so here are a few highlights.

1977- Started music career as a DJ at the age of 15.  During this 40 year career I gained experience in music production, music management and music promotion.  As I DJ I have mixed on Radio, Major nightclubs and for A-list concerts.  During my journey I have received 4 Platinum albums for work that I have done Marketing Major Label music projects.

1987- Began retail career at Music Liberated record store as a DJ and music buyer.  During this time I was introduced into the world of music marketing by working with Major Record Labels.

1989- Opened my own record store the Sound Of Baltimore.  During this time I reported to the Source, Dance Music Report and Billboard magazines.  I also received a ballot for the Soul Train Music awards and attended major music conferences like Impact and The New Music Seminar every year.  I developed relationships with record labels that still remain intact today.  With these relationships I began coordinating National Artist appearances in the Maryland area which entailed in-store, radio and club appearances.  I went on tour with Artists in the Mid - Atlantic Region and New York including Dru Hill, 2 Live Crew and Onyx to name a few.  This also led to working relationships that included club promotions and talent buying for many venue Owners and General Managers on the East Coast.

2005- As music sales shifted to online sales I began working for DTLR aka the Downtown Locker Room one of the few brick and mortar stores still carrying music.  For 7 years my duties at DTLR included management, marketing and event/ concert promotion.  During this period I established relationships with apparel brands for their events and other Marketing.  While at DTLR I hired DJ/ Radio Host miss j NYce who came to Baltimore from New York to get her second degree in Music Production from Morgan State University.  With a great staff and miss j NYce as a Marketing tool we were able to double sales to 3 Million dollars in one year.

     The accomplishments and popularity of miss j NYce has led me to managing her career which has taken off in a short span of time.  miss j NYce was voted Baltimoreís Radio Host Of The Year and Marylandís number one female DJ.  The combination of managing a radio personality and being a booking agent has created unique opportunities to work with Record Labelís Artist development needs as well as companies trying to brand their products.  With FM Radio shows, a streaming platform and Entertainment Editor duties miss j NYce has allowed me to remain very active with listening to new music and interacting with both labels and Artists.  miss j NYce and I have designed ad campaigns and marketing strategies for music labels and clothing lines.
     Together we have created events that keeps my client in constant demand including miss j NYceís Super Bowl party which drew over 1,100 people.  miss j NYce is also involved with the most influential record pools in the country including Core DJís.  I invite you to explore for more insight, as I stated earlier being active in the music industry is very difficult to narrow down into a few paragraphs.  Being part of music projects from day one including Mario, Dru Hill, K-Swift and H-Town has given me the abilty to spot talent with a great deal of success.  With music streaming providing up and coming Artists a way to get exposure we have been able to get them into the venues where I am the Booking Agent/ Talent Buyer.  In closing, I have complete knowledge of all facets of Music Business operations and Music Marketing so I am able to maintain an impact on the music world.


Kevin Liles: Manager Trey Songz, Nelly, Ty Dollar Sign, etc. CEO 300 Record Entertainment Label

Troy Dudley: National Director of Radio Promotion for Universal Music Group

Neil Levine: CEO Sony Music (Penalty Recordings)
Troy Patterson:  Changing Faces, Mario, etc. 

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